Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Best Email Site: "Gmail" or "Yahoo!"?

     From the time I was around ten years old, I've had various email addresses I've used for signing up for profiles and other things. My first email address was made using Yahoo!, but this was before I even knew what Gmail was. My parents had Yahoo! email addresses and I followed suit.

       Years later, after having two Yahoo! emails for a few years, I kept hearing about Gmail. I was wondering more and more what it was, so I made an account, and let it sit for a while. My Yahoo! emails had been compromised after a few months, and I was forced to go back to Gmail.

       To this day, Gmail is the only email provider I'll ever use. Gmail is faster in loading and uploading than Yahoo!, integrated into YouTube and Google+ accounts, and is right on the most popular search engine's website. I love how quickly Gmail updated instantly and automatically scans emails to see if they should be included in Spam filtered folders, thereby clearing up you're inbox on it's own.

       If you don't have a Gmail email address, I recommend trying it out. It's free, easy to sign up for, and quite beneficial. Gmail seems to be a step ahead of other providers like AOL, Hotmail (does anyone still use this?), and Yahoo!. It's definitely on the cutting edge, and sure to please you as it does many of it's other hundred-thousands of users.


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