Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick Way to Fix a Crack in Your Phone Screen

So it happened. You were walking on the sidewalk, rocking out to some awesome songs, when your phone or iPod took it's final skydive, and now the screen's shattered.

Usually, taking it in to your provider can result in either you having to buy a whole new phone, which can get pricey, or you can buy a replacement screen and kit for about $100.

If you're looking for ways to avoid that burden, here's a couple of ideas to try to mend the crack, or at least keep it from spreading.

Warning: Once you do any of these, your warranty may be voided. Take caution in doing this. If you're not sure if it will void your warranty or not, ask your service provider.

Use Clear Nail Polish, Superglue or Nail Glue, etc.

A few years ago, after getting a shiny new Apple iPod Touch, I inevitably cracked the screen. It was a combination of their easy-to-crack screens, and me carrying it in my back pocket and leaning over the edge of a chair. Nonetheless, The bottom left hand corner of my iPod had been shattered.

I knew I couldn't get another as this one had been a gift, I had to do some thinking. I knew I didn't have a warranty on it, so basically I was stuck with it. Once I cut myself on a piece of glass trying to use the screen, I knew I had to do something about it.

What You'll Need:

- Your Cracked Screen

- Clear Nail Polish, Nail Glue, or Super Glue

This kind of fix is for small cracks only! This would probably not work as well in a full on shatter.

This method is not perfect, but it kept my few cracks from spreading for five months (until I completely shattered the screen in another horrible, yet unrelated, incident.) 

I cleaned off the cracks as best possible, took out some clear nail polish, and followed the lines of the crack using the brush. I made sure it filled the cracks without them overflowing, and I kept it on only that part of the screen.

I let it dry and made sure that it was smooth, and I never had another problem with it again. I'm sure nail glue or small amounts of superglue would work the same way as the nail polish did.

If your screen is shattered or has more than a few cracks, visit any of these websites that have detailed descriptions on how to fix your screen:

How To Fix A Cell Phone Screen

C.R.A.F.T. # 76: How to Replace a Broken/ Cracked iPhone Screen

How to Fix A Broken Screen on your iPhone 

Do you have an interesting story on how you shattered your phone screen? Tell me in the comment section below, along with any other questions or suggestions you have.

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