Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Great Websites I Couldn’t Live Without

It's no surprise that the internet is as popular as it is today. Everything in the world is at your finger tips, easily searched and found in a matter of minutes.

According to, "the average Internet user spends most of his time online on social media (22 percent), search (21 percent), reading content (20 percent), and email (19 percent)".

Think about what you do as soon as you get online. What websites do you check everyday on your phone before you leave for work? Where's the first place you visit when you have a moment of free time online?

Well, here's my list of five websites that I use every day, and probably couldn't live without.

1. Google

What would our internet experience be like if we didn’t have Google? There’s a reason it’s one of the most known websites worldwide. 

Google is my top pick search engine because it can help you find anything that’s on the internet, and its simplistic interface makes finding anything you need easy. 

I like it because it looks clean and I almost never have trouble finding what I'm looking for. If it's out there, it's on Google. And personally, I think there's a reason why people don't say, "Oh yeah, I'll Bing it."

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a newer social media website in the scheme of the internet, but it's really taken off. I just recently made an account, and I seriously spend more time than necessary on it.

It might not have too much productive merit, but it has some nifty how-to’s and interesting or funny pictures, and that makes it a great place to spend some extra time.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend visiting the website and looking at the preview.

Oh, Facebook. Although lately I have been neglecting you, you're a great to keep in touch with close friends, relatives, and long distance acquaintances. 

Although Facebook might not be particularly a necessity, I still ranks in ones I use close to every day. 

And by the looks of it's growing number of new profiles, Facebook won't be slowing down any time soon. But who knows? Maybe it'll become the next Myspace.

4. Tumblr

At first I wasn’t so sure about Tumblr. I didn't really know what it's purpose was and I didn't visit it very often. Now I realize it's actually a lot like blogger in the way that you have posts, and if used correctly it can be like a very simple blog.

Once I got my followers straight, I realized that it was a pretty good, simple blogging format. It’s another good site for your additional time, and it’s like twitter in the following aspect, but also entirely unique.

What can I say? Discovering Blogger has helped me put my ideas into words. I was debating a while between WordPress and Blogger as a host, but after some extensive research, I've decided on Blogger for many reasons, and I'll discuss these reasons in an upcoming post, "Blogger Verses WordPress: Why I Choose Blogger." 

It has a lot of user options and is very simple, so first time bloggers can easily navigate this site. Blogger (and even blogging itself) can be highly addicting. If you like writing and have opinions or have a lot to say, read up on this site, or just make an account. 

It's actually really simple and there's help along the setup process. It's also weaved into Google, so all of your accounts can easily be synced through that.

Now that I've shared mine, what are some websites that you often visit? Why are they so important to you? Tell me in the comment section below, along with any other questions you have.


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