Saturday, October 13, 2012

50 Blog Posts I Wish You'd Write

In honor of Chris Brogans ever-popular "100 Topics I Hope YOU Write", I'd like to give my list of topics I hope to see one day in the blogosphere. Brogan's topics were more focused around Web 2.0 Tools and technology, but mine are all over the board.

Everyone has those moments when they just can't think of what to write about. Feel free to book mark this and come back to it when you need some inspiration or you're trying to battle writer's block.

But maybe out of the kindness of your hearts, you could throw a link my way?

Without further ado, here's my list of 50 Blog Posts I Wish You'd Write.

  1. Mac Verses PC: Which I Prefer
  2. Someone Who Has Changed My Life
  3. Why I Picked The Brand Name I Did
  4. How I Use Social Media
  5. Ways I've Increased My Blog Traffic
  6. What I Do Before I Write A Post
  7. One Show I Wish Was Still On TV
  8. My Favorite Foods to Serve During the Holidays
  9. The Best Present I Ever Got As A Child
  10. My Top Ten Websites I Use Everyday
  11. The Biggest Scams I've Fallen For
  12. Twenty Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Blog
  13. Things That Have Changed Since My Childhood
  14. How I Wrote My First Blog Post
  15. My Firsts: Car, Job, and House
  16. Why I Decided to Join Facebook (Or Didn't)
  17. Blogger Verses WordPress: The Best Host
  18. A Restaurant in My Town that I Love
  19. My Favorite Fashion Trend From the '80's (or whatever generation)
  20. My Opinion of Michael Jackson
  21. How I Met My Spouse (Or Girlfriend... or cat)
  22. An Event that Changed My Life
  23. Why I'm Glad I Live in America
  24. My Favorite Pass-time as a Child
  25. What My iTunes Library Says About Me
  26. My Biggest Blogging Pet Peeve
  27. One Language I Wish I Had Learned
  28. How Twitter Has Brought Me More Viewers
  29. How I Use SEO in my Posts
  30. Twenty Things I Wish I Knew at Twenty
  31. Five Books that Changed Society
  32. Ways I Get More Subscribers
  33. My Top Five Favorite Blogs
  34. Why I Started Blogging
  35. The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make As A Blogger
  36. I Wish I Could Change This About Society
  37. My Biggest Fear
  38. My Favorite Thing About Blogging
  39. How I Use Craigslist
  40. What I Do in My Free Time
  41. How To Double Your Subscribers
  42. My Ideal Future
  43. Ten Things I Wish I Had
  44. Chrome or Firefox: Which is Better
  45. Nine Things I've Learned About the Internet
  46. My Opinion on the iPhone 5
  47. How to Save Battery Life on Your Phone
  48. My Opinion on Guest Bloggers
  49. My Inspirations for Writing
  50. Fifty Blog Posts I Wish You'd Write
Feel free to use any of these, or a variation on them. They're here to help you. 
But, you know, if your feeling generous, you could always throw a link back my way. I'd really appreciate it!

Whats your favorite thing to write about?


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