Tuesday, October 16, 2012

iPhone 4S: Why I Picked It

Does anyone still remember these?
This Monday was my birthday (Woo!) so to celebrate, I received the iPhone 4S on Saturday. It was an upgrade from my old LG Optimus S which I'd had to replace multiple times for screen problems. We got it from a Sprint Kiosk in our nearby mall, and I decided to let you know what I think of it after the first few days.

Right away I noticed how nice the phone was. That's what makes iPhone's so nice. They're easy to use and easy to navigate. If you've ever had an iPod touch then you've basically got it. It looked nice, and ran fast, and I really liked it.

Bad Battery Life

I realized fast that the battery life is pretty low. By the time I got home (a few hours) it was dead. I charged it all night and by about seven the next night it was dead again. And that was intermittently texting on it. If you're constantly doing things, you're going to run into trouble with it.

Call Quality

After getting it, I called a few people, and they complained of high pitched tones every few minutes. That could just be Sprint's fault or the phone, but I never had that problem before.

With my old phone I always had to speak loudly and clearly or the other person couldn't hear me. On the iPhone, I could whisper and they could clearly make out what I was saying.

The New iOS 6

Apple recently updated its software to iOS 6. It has a lot of new features, including an app called Passport that stores all your coupons and things. It updated the look of many things, and it's supposed to make it run faster. I don't like the way the new music app looks, because it's all white and plain. There were a few other differences that weren't big enough to make it to this post, but it's definitely not a game changer to me.

The Camera

I definitely noticed a difference in the iPhone 4S camera from the iPod Touch 4th Generation, which is what I used to use for all my picture taking. Pictures have noticeably more detail where you wouldn't expect it, and warmer colors. It's auto-focus is more advanced, and pictures just came out clearer.

Pictures off of my iPhone 4S:

(Birthday Cake!)

I think it was worth the $99 it cost. It's a pretty great phone, and I would recommend it. Do any of you have the 4S?


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