Thursday, October 11, 2012

Five Hundred Views! (You guys are the best)

At least I'm not the only one excited about this.
(10 Points for Cuteness)
Okay, maybe five hundred views isn't something to get excited about for you. If you are one of those people, I'm sorry this post might seem a bit frivolous.

As for the others...

I'm seriously pretty excited! I mean, five hundred views isn't breath-taking. It isn't phenomenal, and it isn't top-notch by any means. And I am aware of this. Yet, I still was very happy to see that number in my page view box last evening. (And yes, I turned off tracking my own page views, so these are all legitimate.) Why am I excited?

Because before you can hit fifty-thousand, you have to first pass five hundred. So this is my milestone.

Maybe your baby rolling over isn't huge in the scheme of things, and they will probably do it many times in their lifetime, but that first time your pretty happy.

And can you honestly say when you first entered the blogging world, your first little achievements didn't make you even a tiny bit excited?

Not even a little?

So October 10th was my first full week with Balescene. It's been a really fun experience blogging and getting used to all the features and things that go along with it. I've enjoyed it, and often found myself looking forward to writing during classes. This has been a fun beginning.

So what my comments are still very sparing, and my page views might be small depending on your own? This is my first time around, and I feel pretty darn happy about it.

Celebratory hot chocolate anyone? :)

UPDATE: By the way, by the time I posted this, I had already gotten to 600 views! You guys are the best!


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