Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does Guest Blogging and Commenting Still Drive Traffic?

If you blog, you've probably heard that guest blogging and commenting on others blogs are the bread and butter to your traffic, at least at first. The concept comes from the want to get your name out there. In the early days of blogging, that was the easiest and best way. You wrote a post, someone commented, and you went to their blog and checked it out.

Now, hundreds and thousands of blogs exist, and are all fighting to be the best of the best. Sometimes it's hard to know which blogs to comment on to bring in traffic, and which you will get buried under hundreds of other comments with. You have to find a happy medium.

With guest blogging, you need to find a website that somehow pertains to your topic, has a good amount of traffic and viewership, but isn't flooded with other guest posts that will make it harder to get noticed. It's all about getting your name out so more people recognize your name.

Guest blogging does work if you know where to go. Some websites doesn't openly offer about it, but sending them an email usually can get you an answer pretty fast. You need to write your best work when posting a guest blog, because if you don't, no one will come back to your blog. Readers want quality, reliable content they can use.

Commenting can work, but you have to again be professional about it. As I mentioned in my post "Five Easy Ways To Get More Readers on Your Blog", I talked about commenting. Instead of a quick "Great Post!", try writing something like how you agree with parts of the article, and what you thought while reading it. Don't be afraid to disagree. When other readers see an intelligent comment with a link a the end, they may be more inclined to check out your blog.

How do you use guest blogging and commenting on your blog to drive in viewers?


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