Thursday, October 4, 2012

Children With Cellphones: What’s the Right Age?

Every Kid is Different With Cell Phones
When it comes to cell phones, they’re a great resource. They’re extremely helpful in communicating and in hundreds of other ways, too. 

The big question that everyone with kids is asking is when the right age to give your son or daughter their first phone?

The Right Age

Unfortunately, there is no right answer. 

Each kid is so unique with their maturity level and intentions that what works for one kid might not work for any others. It all depends on your personal situation.

First you need to ask yourself why your child needs a cell phone. Are they going places where there is no way for them to contact you frequently? Do you work late and need to be able to talk to them at a moments notice?

Whatever your reasoning, you need to at least have one set reason. Giving your child a phone for no reason can lead to unfavorable results.

How old are they? I’ve seen kids as young as six with their own cell phone number. 

Ages Six Through Eleven

If they are an elementary school student (ages six through eleven), you could opt for a parental monitored phone like the Disney Phone. This way they can only call numbers you approve of and aren’t in contact with everyone. 

I don’t suggest giving an iPhone (or any other smart phone) to a younger child. These phones are subject to shattered screens, scratches, and you can’t control the content as easily.

Ages Twelve Through Fourteen

If your children are ages twelve to about fourteen, you can experiment with giving them a phone of their choice. Just remember that most phones now can easily connect to the internet, and your child will have access to websites about anything and everything that pops into their head. 

If you have a mature, trustable child, this isn’t a bad plan.

Ages Fifteen and Older

As for any child above fifteen, you can usually give any phone to. Usually older kids are more trustworthy and responsible, and can handle a phone will more features. 

As stated above, it’s always up to the parent to make any final decisions, because you know your child and how they behave, and whether you can trust them with a phone.

Overall, giving your child a phone isn’t as preposterous as it was a few years ago. More and more people are using them everyday. It isn’t a responsibility to be taken lightly, either. 

Just remember to talk to your kids before about any and all expectations you have with letting them own a cell phones.

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